Factors to Consider before the installation of Commercial RO water purifiers

Factors to Consider before the installation of Commercial RO water purifiers

In every commercial establishment, it is important to have commercial RO water treatment plants to ensure safe drinking water purifiers. These commercial RO water treatment plants have Reverse osmosis technology which is responsible for the function of filtration of water. It performs all the necessary treatments to make it safe and useful for all the commercial purposes. The industries like pharmaceuticals, food processing, car washing, hydrogen production etc. are the industries where these plants can be very useful and beneficial.

Now the question is what features to look for before the installation of commercial RO plant?

  1. Besides cleaning water, a commercial Ro water treatment plant should also eliminate heavy metals, unwanted salts and other harmful chemicals from water 
  2. It should produce high quality of water both for drinking and for tools and apparatus which requires water in commercial establishments.
  3. It should operate without any noise.
  4. There must be less wastage of water during purification.
  5. The cost of maintenance should be less
  6. It should use advances membrane technology.
  7. The commercial RO plant price

Following are some of the things that should be taken into consideration before the installation of commercial RO water purifiers-

  • Water pressure- it is important to look for the pressure of water before going for a RO purifier. If the water pressure is between 5- 40 pounds per square inch, which is considered a normal level, then it is said to be effective.
  • Electricity- Before going for water Ro purifiers, it is important to have a look at this important parameter i.e electricity. It will be quite a wise thing to note that how much electricity does a RO water purifier consumes before buying it.
  • Cost of its maintenance- The various components of RO water purifier like pumps, membranes etc. are subject to wear and tear. They need to be replaced after some time of their use. The Annual maintenance cost varies as per brands but it is normally high with the approximation of more than Rs 2000 per month.
  • Wastage of Water- As water wastage is one of the biggest issues that should be taken care of, so considering this factor is quite necessary. The Reverse osmosis system of eater purification can cause a huge amount of wastage of water. As per a study, this system can waste 80% of water, leaving only 20% of water fit for consumption. So one must consider this vital factor before making any decision.
  • Salt and minerals removal- Up to 90% of TDS can be removed by Ro membranes. If the water has high TDS or in other words, the water is hard and unpleasant in taste, then it said that it is fit for RO water treatment technology and no other technology can best treat this problem than RO water purification. The factor of Salt and Minerals removal plays an important role in taking important decisions.

These are the factors that one must take into consideration before going for installation of the commercial water purification system. There are many commercial RO plant manufacturers who manufacture water purifiers after considering all the above factors.

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