Utilize Eco-Friendly Boxes for School Projects of your children

Utilize Eco-Friendly Boxes for School Projects of your children

Over the past, the need and demand for Eco-Friendly boxes have increased aggressively, and now they are being used in almost every business sector all over the world. They are the most popular packaging solutions in the world for their sustainable, economical, customizable, and flexible nature. They are considered the best substitute for the packaging that causes pollution in the natural environment. They are manufactured with the materials that are 100 per cent organic and can be recycled, reused, and reduced easily. Their recycling and reusing features make them an ideal choice of packaging for all types of products, be it food items, makeup items, life-saving drugs, electronic gadgets & accessories, and many other items of daily use. These boxes are popular not only among product manufacturers and retailers but also among the customers who prefer to buy the products that are packed in them.

It is always fun to think out of the box when it comes to making school projects or crafts. Eco-friendly boxes are one of the most versatile items for making useful and exciting crafts. You can multiple school projects for your children using these boxes. Let us share some of the ideas that you can easily try all by yourself;


You can make a beautiful aquarium by using any item of green packaging. To make one, firstly, you will need to cut the front panel of a box to make an open end. You can use a pair of scissors or paper cutter to cut it. When the cutting is done, paint a turquoise blue color on the inside of a box. To give it a more realistic view, use silver paint to color its outside to give it a look. Now decorate your aquarium by using different objects such as stones, kinetic sand, seaweed made out of green pipe cleaners, seashells. To make fishes, you can use any colored paper and trace an outline of a fish. You can use different bright colors shades that would pop in the aquarium, such as orange, yellow, red, etc. To make these fishes look like they are swimming, you can use a piece of string and tape it to the back of the fishes. Now attach those strings to the top of a box to make them float.

Christmas star

One more easy and creative idea is to make Christmas stars out of custom eco- friendly boxes. All you have to do is simply outline the shape of a star on these packages and cut it by using a pair of scissors. You can either paint them in different colours or use some spray paints to give them such a great rustic look. Once you are done with a required number of items, you can either glue them or hang them in any place you want. For example, on a Christmas tree, mantel, walls, etc.

Craft storage

One of the easiest craft projects is to make storage from a custom printed eco-friendly boxes. To give them a look, cut their panels to give them a nice shelf look. By using the string, you can tie them all together with the cord. This will help your children to store their items pleasantly.

Decorative recycled pack

Turn any empty biodegradable boxes the USA into a decorative pack. All you have to do is to cover them completely with either a printed sheet or a piece of cloth. To decorate them, you can attach different items such as buttons, studs, stickers, etc.

Desktop organizer

Eco-friendly boxes design is soo flexible that it allows their consumers to change their whole appearances and workings. You can convert any cardboard pack into something really useful, such as a desktop organizer. You can simply cut their closure panels to give them a look. Cover their outer look by using any printed sheet, and your children can place multiple things in them—for instance, colours, markers, pencils, pens, etc.

Do some artwork

Empty eco boxes are the perfect item to do some artwork on them. Simply unfold them to make them flat. You can peel the cardboard apart to get a great textured piece. Let the kids paint them in any way they want. Once they are done, you can frame it and hang or display it as per your convenience.

Make origami boat

You can easily make an origami boat using eco-packaging. Cute a flexible piece from a corrugated pack of any size. Fold the piece of diagonally and cut off the excess material to make a square. To make a boat, fold one of the folded points of a square inward towards the other side at a slight angle. The top of the boat will be the tip of the point that you are folding to make an origami. To make the sides of the boat do a reverse fold to open the square back up and you are done with it.


Lastly, you can make a handbag using eco-friendly packaging. To make one, you will need an empty pack, tape, pair of scissors, a piece of string or colourful ropes, buttons, glue dots. Cut out any shape of a handbag that you want from the cardboard pieces. Also, cut the top closures to give it a look of a bag. By using either a string or colourful ropes, you can make the handles by which the kids can carry a bag. Make a hole in both panels of a pack and pass the cord from it to make a handle. To make it more secure, you can use some adhesive to make it more protected. Allow the kids to decorate their bags with stickers, buttons, beads, etc.

The above-mentioned ideas can easily be used by anyone. You can use these ideas to get creative with these craft projects for your children. This will keep them engaged for hours on end and will definitely enjoy while completing their project.

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