4 Measures used by Christian Fletcher LifeBrite to develop a customer-centred working culture

4 Measures used by Christian Fletcher LifeBrite to develop a customer-centred working culture

When you are deciding to invest in a business, you need to think of a customer-friendly pattern. Customers act as the major stakeholders of your business. Therefore, if you don’t give proper importance to them, it could affect your company’s sales. One of the main reasons’ companies fail to satisfy their customers is their lack of proper working culture at Christian Fletcher LifeBrite.

Although there are several examples for companies who have failed to induce a customer-centric culture. The management of Christian Fletcher LifeBrite has rightly analyzed their business and made sure that they possess and customer-oriented services. We have rightly identified the steps taken by them and curated for your needs in the following section, keep reading to get a detailed idea of the same.

Development of operational customer empathy

There are several companies who are unaware of the existence of the word empathy. Well, Christian Fletcher LifeBrite rightly understands the true meaning of empathy and has used it in their process as well. Empathy is the process through which the actual need and effectiveness of a customer could be righty identified. Christian Fletcher LifeBrite made sure to train their staff members to understand the personal needs of each customer. These through training of the employees made sure that they have the best of the measure to serve and satisfy the customers ideally.

Hiring staffs based on customer orientation

The entire process of recruiting new staff members might seem an easy task to complete. However, there are several layers associated with the same process. To make sure that they hire the right staff, Christian Fletcher LifeBrite made sure to identify their potential customers. The management of the company rightly segregate the customers based on their age and sex and then went onto hiring their staff’s members. They made sure to hire staff based on departments like social media handing, direct contact with customers and offline content. This in a way helped them to build a strong bond of trust with their customers.

Democratizing insights of customer

One of the main things that a company needs to completely change into a customer-centric atmosphere is to understand the needs. Christian Fletcher LifeBrite asked their employees to understand the probable insight of individual customers and then work along with it. The management also made sure to provide the staff members with all the requests of the customers to understand them. This in turn has ideally helped the staff members to rightly identify the need and cater to it as well.

Direct relation building with customers

It is true that now everything has turned into digitized platforms. Starting from a minor process to that of a great one is completely done based on smartphones. However, still, customers tend to look out for direct contact. Thereby, Christian Fletcher LifeBrite used a scheme for their staff members to connect with the customers in person and influence their business.

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