All About Twenty20 (T20) Cricket.

All About Twenty20 (T20) Cricket.

A completely new game is taking the cricket world by storm. This is a completely new ball sport, an improvement of the traditional one-day match to make the game quick, intense, and immediate. The result has been of bringing a whole new crowd to the game. The action-packed sport is and is appealing to young fans. Purists dislike it, however, when large crowds come to watch cricket this must benefit the sport all around.

The game is played on normal cricket grounds with traditional one-day rules, with some exceptions. There are still plenty of minor rules variations, but listed here are the rules that were used for the first international game of 20/20 played in Australia, between Australia A and Pakistan on Jan 13th, 2005 at the Adelaide Oval. The rules have evolved over the years as more and more games are played.

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T20 Cricket Rules

These are the rules that apply to T20 cricket. Rules have changed since when the format first started the format, and changes will be made as the format changes.

  • Twenty overs are only allowed per plate.
  • Each bowler is limited to a maximum of 4 overs.
  • Fielding rules in the initial six overs are two fielders outside the circle and the minimum requirement of two fielders who are stationary.
  • Limitations on fielding for those who are older than 7-20. There are a maximum of five fielders allowed in the circle.
  • The penalty for a ‘no-ball’ equals 2 runs. Additionally, the batsman receives a free swing following an unlucky non-ball.
  • Each side is given just 20 minutes in which to finish each of their twenty overs. The time between innings is 15 minutes. innings.
  • Run penalty is imposed on any over not bowled by the specified time.
  • The second batsman gets 90 seconds after the falling of the wicket, to go close to the wicket.

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