Best five birthday cake ideas for First Birthday

Best five birthday cake ideas for First Birthday

We all know that as a parent, a child is one of the most precious gifts a parent would get. This is because they can see their own child growing in front of their eyes. So if you are also a parent then it’s important to make your child’s birthday cake the most special one. So that everyone can recognize how much you love your child. 

So in this, you will really get amazing ideas about making your 1-year-old girls birthday. This article contains lots of simple information about the best birthday cake for your baby girl. If you want the first birthday cake for your daughter then there are lots of sites from where you can buy it. One of the most amazing sites is Bloomsvilla. In Bloomsvilla you will get lots of varieties of cakes and send flower to Kolkata at the most reasonable price. 

Best birthday party cakes for your 1-year-old girl

Gone are those days in which you only get some kinds of cakes only. That includes vanilla, chocolate cakes or butterscotch cakes. But now there are varieties of cakes you will get that are available in the market which you will get at the most reasonable price. Those cakes are beautiful and attractive

So the followings are some of the best birthday cakes for your 1-year-old daughter are

Princess cakes

When the word birthday girl comes in the mind at that time only we prefer to buy princess cakes. These cakes look very much cute and wonderful. In the middle of the cake, the bakers will place a Barbie doll and her dress will be made up of cakes. Maybe your daughter is very much small but then also this cake will really make her happy. In other words, girls best friend Barbie and this cake will really create an awesome look. 

Adorable cartoon cakes

Your daughter is a kid and kid’s first love is the cartoon characters only. Maybe, she doesn’t see cartoon but in future, she will definitely see it. So try to buy adorable cartoon cakes. Apart from your daughter, there may be other kids also present at the birthday party.  They will definitely like it.  There are lots of cartoon characters which you can include in your cake. That includes Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, etc.

Hidden sweetie surprise cake

This surprise cake contains lots of surprises on the cake. You can add some kinds of chocolate in it. So that when your baby princess cuts this cake all the surprises can come out. This is a new type of cake and your guests will definitely like it. You can even go for the online cake delivery in Delhi from the Bloomsvilla. They will deliver this cake in the given time.

Butterfly cake

Maybe at this time you can’t go out of your house and can’t buy a cake for your baby. So what about baking the cake in your home only. You will just need some of the ingredients which are easily available in your house. This cake name is stunning butterfly cake. The making of this cake is very much simple. There are lots of YouTube videos from where you can watch it and make it. 

Characters cake

Before we have mentioned about the princess cake or the cartoon character cakes. But all these cakes only contain 1 character only. But in this case, you will always get different characters in one cake. The character in the cake will be according to your choice. You can choose Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Sin Chan, etc. In one cake only. This cake will definitely look good and attractive. 

There are lots of people around the world who always have a problem to order the best cake from online sites. But the process of buying is very much simple. You have to just select the right happy birthday cake according to your choice. From the different types of sites that are available on the internet. After that, you have to just enter the accurate delivery address and with that mentioned date also. The birthday cake will be delivered to your address without any kinds of fail. 


There are lots of varieties of cakes available in the market which you can buy for your daughter. But when you have the option fancy and attractive cake at the market to celebrate the birthday. Then why to go with the normal cake. From this article only you will get lots of information about the cakes which you can buy it for your 1 years old daughter. 

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